BCW vs LP

    What a great swim meet and again fantastic swims by all. Couldn't  think of a better way to beat the heat. Swimmers swam fast against a really good swim team-LP had many swimmers giving us some great races and our relays stood their ground and made everyone take notice-BCW is here to race!

    We have a few meets left -Riverplace and BCCC.. (All-Star meet Q) its time to be race ready!

    For those at camps, or at VBS or have parents working, please try to come to our early practice 8-8:45am. Its important to stay in the water and train. It was very clear to us coaches who was training and who had been out of the water. If you cant come in the AM than please try to get to the pool in the afternoon. (Swimmers, please try to get in and swim for an hour, kick fast, sprint out-keep training). Many are headed out of town, either on vacations or out of the country-Thank you all for all of your support and kind words and See yall again next year as a 2020 Barracuda!

    Word of the week:  Legacy... those that have come before you and the swimmers of today and for our future Barracudas! It is important to create something that everyone wants to be apart now and for the years to come. The Barracudas have had a great number of coaches and swimmers ... just check the records, see how they have spoken about past swimmers and coaches and the pride that is felt throughout the neighborhood and summer league swimming community. It starts with a great board who listens to its parents and swimmers (by the way, they are volunteers and work tirelessly to make sure the season goes off without a hitch-get involved! )  To be apart of a great organization is an honor and to work with the board, the parents, Coach Ryan and our fine Asst coaches, and all the wonderful swimmers is truly awesome... so what will be 2019 Legacy?????

    I dont know the ending yet, because we arent done .... so here we Go...great practices, hard work that’s fun and learning the tricks to going faster and faster!

    Go Barracudas!!!!

    Coach Janet and Coach Ryan