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Volunteer - General Meet Assistance

Age Group Parents
  • Arrival: one (1) hour before each meet starts
  • Departure: stay until each swimmer in their age-group has been collected by their parents at the end of the age group's events.
  • Responsibilities: Receiving swimmers in age-group area; assisting swimmers with checking-in and getting marked up; communicating any no-shows to Age Group Parent Lead; monitoring event timing & delivering swimmers to the Ready Bench on time & in order.
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 

Concessions (Shift Dependent)
  • Arrival: at least 15 minutes before warm-ups begin or mid-meet (shift dependent)
  • Departure: mid-meet or after the meet concludes
  • Responsibilities: 1st Half Shift: Assists with setting up the Concessions Table including organizing/displaying product and becoming familiar with inventory and pricing; provides customer service / completing sales transactions with cash or square device. 2nd Half Shift: Provides customer service / completing sales transactions with cash or square device; assists with breakdown of Concessions Table including emptying coolers and packaging up any remaining non-perishable items for storage.
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 

  • Arrival: Arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups
  • Departure: Stay thru the end of the meet
  • Responsibilities: Welcome the visiting team coaches and parents and make them more familiar with our facility; be available to answer questions; distribute water during the meet to all volunteers; ensure water coolers are filled, and bathrooms are clean and orderly; help with trash removal from each age group tent and surrounding areas.
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 

Ready Bench
  • Arrival: Arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups
  • Departure: stay thru the end of the meet
  • Responsibilities: Line swimmers up for races in the correct lane and heat order, move swimmers poolside to the correct chair position; communicate with the away team when their swimmers need to come to ready bench; and ensure that the BCW relay teams are manned and set up correctly.
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 100%

Ribbons - Awards
  • Arrival: Coordinated with Awards Chair
  • Departure: Prior to the end of the first practice Monday morning for distribution to swimmers.
  • Responsibilities: Attach place stickers on the ribbons and file them in each swimmers file. This is a job for someone who is good with a repetitive task and pays attention to detail. Most of the award ribbons work is done after the meet has concluded with an expectation of ribbons boxes being returned to the pool. 
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 100%

Ribbons - Heat Winners
  • Arrival: Shift Dependent
  • Departure: Shift Dependent
  • Responsibilities: Stands with the timers and awards the winner of each heat a Heat Winner ribbon. Definitely close to the action! 
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 100%

Set Up/Take Down
  • Set Up Arrival/Departure: 2 hours before meet through meet start
  • Take Down Arrival/Departure: End of meet through 30 minutes - 1 hour after the final event (depending on number of volunteers)
  • Responsibilities: Set up: all advertisements from sponsors on the fences and buildings; No Parking signs, holders, barrier tapes, and orange cones in parking area; age group signs; garbage bags; all canopies along the near side of pool and sitting area; ready benches, patio chairs, lounge chairs, and timer chairs; tables for concessions, ribbons, and computer areas; and barrier tape and/or POOL CLOSED sign on baby pool area. Take Down: put away all the setup equipment and reversing the set up process at the end of every home meet. Away meets will require Setup and Take Down volunteers to setup age group signs and garbage bags, and -- at certain away meets -- the canopies. HEAVY LIFTING REQUIRED!
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 100%
Swing/Flex Volunteer
  • Arrival: One (1) hour before each meet starts
  • Departure: Stay thru the end of the meet
  • Responsibilities: Available to do any job at a meet. You may be assigned a season long task or may be asked to pickup any role at any meet. If you have no role preference, sign up for flex! For this to work, we will need everyone to commit to their assigned roles as required by our team policies.
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 100%

  • Arrival: Arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-ups
  • Departure: Stay thru the end of the meet
  • Responsibilities: Use manual or semi-automatic watches to time a lane of swimmers. A head timer will ensure that all stop watches are working properly. Timers always have a front row seat for each event!
  • Availability to Watch Child/Swimmer: 100%
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