Important Information for Tonight's Medal Meet (Please read)

    Here are some reminders for today's meet. Please read through the end of the email for important new information.

    4:00 pm - Set-up
    4:15 pm - Other Volunteers Ready to help
    4:00 pm - BCCC Warm-up
    4:30 pm - BCW Warm-up
    5:05 pm - Deadline to check-in for relay events 9-20
    6:30 pm - Deadline to check-in for relay events 61-65
    8:30 pm - Estimated end of meet

    This afternoon's meet is an important one for so many swimmers- the last competition for swimmers without All-Star times, the medal meet, etc. Also, the unwritten yet predictable guidelines ("Oh, they usually skip warm-up but will be here by swim time...") for our normal Saturday mornings won't apply on Friday afternoon. In an effort to run the meet smoothly and fairly for all involved, we wanted to improve communication for today's meet. Lots of time and energy goes into managing relay changes in the best of meet circumstances, but changes during an away meet at a different time of day are particularly challenging. We are setting the following guidelines for today to set the Barracudas up for success:

    -When you arrive, please check in with the  Age Group Parent (AGP) right away, even if you have already marked your swimmer. -If you are running late or something comes up, please text this meet's Relay Coordinator (LesLeigh Golson 650-670-5532) as soon as possible. -If you have not checked in as present by the times listed, we will rearrange/scratch the relays.
    5:05 deadline for early relay events 9-20.
    6:30 deadline for all late relay events 61-65