BCW vs BCCC

        Its was an exciting nite at BCCC because BCW was swimming unbelievably fantastic! The number of Best times, the amount of Medals won.... cant wait for our Team Banquet on Wednesday evening. Over the last 9 weeks (cant believe we are almost done) what a transformation... new swimmers, old swimmers, new coaches, Coach Ryan showing us the way, I think we did a great job! Each week my father calls and ask, “Did you win your meet?”  I reply we crushed it and Im apart of a great team, a smooth running organization, and we have fun everyday and Yes we Won!  ðŸ˜ƒ

     Thanks for great swims at the Medal meet and We will see all on Wednesday!

      For those attending the All-Star meet, please rest on Monday and hydrate. This meet is another late meet, filled with fast swimmers and lots of fun! Bring your toys to play with, lots of food to snack on and get ready to Swim Fast!

    So many thanks to all our volunteers, board members, and coaching staff ... Yall are truly the best team I have ever worked with and for!  Thanks to Coach Ryan for being BCW consist member, my friend and a great Coach! 

    ......  one more meet and then our Banquet .... 2019 WOW!

    Coach Janet