Barracuda Party Tonight 5-8 pm

    Barracuda Families,

    Let's celebrate an amazing and fun filled season! Our end-of-season party is this evening, Wednesday (6/26) from 5 pm-8 pm at our home pool.

    Food will be served at 5 pm. We will have Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, nuggets, fruit & salad, grilled chicken to add to salads if you want, drinks, snacks, cookies, etc. If you're gluten-free, we will have gluten-free sandwiches and grilled nuggets as well.

    Adults, bring your suits! We'll have our famous family relays after our awards celebration, where we will give out a lot of ribbons, medals, trophies and photos! Please feel free to bring folding chairs to sit in, but please do leave the area generally in front of the awards table for all the swimmers to sit on towels. If you see a row of chairs, don't put any more chairs in front of those - work backwards from there please. Please ask your swimmers once they receive their awards to sit back down and cheer on the remaining age groups until we are through the awards ceremony.

    If you won't be at the party, please reach out to Ashley Zachry or the Barracuda support email to arrange pickup of your kid's awards/picture.

    We'll have extra lifeguards watching the pool, but please do keep an eye on little ones given how many people will be in the pool.

    Please check the lost & found one last time before you go, especially if you live outside BCW. It's next to the drinking fountain in the bath house.

    Please park like it's a swim meet - please don't park on the grass anywhere on the playground side of the driveway where we usually put cones for swim meets.

    See yall tonight!

    Barracuda Swim Board