First Meet - Registering your swimmer & volunteer!

    Swimmer Meet Registration (Required) -

    Yes, we are already at the time for the first PRACTICE meet! It will be Barracudas only and will give everyone a chance to get familiar with a swim meet! The goal is FUN! (and hopefully a bit warmer!)

    We will have 2 practice meets this season before we start swimming against other teams. The complete schedule is here -> https://www.bcwbarracudas.com/swim_meets

    We have a Meet Entry quick guide on our Helpful Info web page for the new folks. You declare through the Meet Entry button on the schedule page or home page.

    We do ask that everyone declares their swimmer each and every meet, even if not attending. That way we know you did not forget so we can try to remind you! The deadline for swimmer registration this week is 12noon on Thursday.

    When you declare, you will be telling us if your swimmer will be at the meet, suggesting the individual events they would like to request, and if they would be available for relays. The coaches will review the selection before we build the meet. We do require that all swimmers have successfully demonstrated breaststroke or butterfly (or IM) in practice before they swim it in a meet. It’s easier for the kids to learn with the coaches and not worry about a DQ slip. Breaststroke may look easy, but it’s the most technically challenging stroke to do legally.

    If you have any other possibly conflicts and you are not 100% sure you will be at the meet select “Attending, No Relays”. It’s very difficult to switch relays at the meet, we will drop people from future relays if they miss unless for illness.

    In a normal year we request everyone on the team swim a few meets. It's a swim team, not swim lessons. But with COVID we understand that some would be more comfortable skipping meets this year. That’s fine. We can mark your kiddo in the system as a non-competitive swimmer, and then you won’t need to mark “not attending” every week. Just reply to this and let us know. We can also change you back if you change your mind later in the season.

    Quick Meet Reminders: No Tech Suits / Knee Skins per summer league rules. Team suit very strongly preferred. No club caps.

    We will send out more info later in the week on what to expect at a swim meet and how to get your kiddos ready.

    Volunteer Registration -

    This is a non-profit volunteer run organization. Once you are done registering your swimmers please register for a volunteer job. We typically require 4 volunteer sessions per season from everyone so we ask everyone to help! For this season, as a general but not strictly enforced rule, please try to sign up for a volunteer shift if your kid is swimming in that meet. You will be able to select volunteer shifts for this meet at the same time you sign up your swimmer for the meet.

    Some of the volunteer stuff will be different this year. Even some things will be different for our experienced families, primarily due to COVID precautions. Here’s a highlight of some of the changes:

    • We will only have one Age Group Parent per group, plus a small number of floaters in case someone needs a quick break/etc. Please only sign up as an Age Group Parent for a group in which you have a swimmer AND if you have some experience with swim meets. This isn’t a good job for a rookie parent this year. We will ask parents pre-mark their kids.
    • We will have two timers per lane instead of the normal three.
    • Ready Bench is going to be more spread out, likely with less volunteers as well.
    • Concessions will be outside the fence, with a slightly smaller crew.
    • We’re going to have some new roles, including a “bouncer” at each of the two gates to help us limit the number of people on the deck.

    We would like to fill the computers job with people that are planning to attend the majority of the meets for the season. Training is all on the job, but experience really helps! If you know how to connect a computer to WiFi and open a directory in Explorer this job is for you! And a great view of the pool!

    Sign up for volunteer jobs using the Job Signup link on the home page or on the swim meets & events page.

    We will follow-up with more instructions once we have the jobs filled.

    As always, any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or reach out to a board member at practice.