IMPORTANT: Details for Tomorrow's Away Meet at Westwood

    Here is some important information about tomorrow's AWAY meet at Westwood Country Club. Please read carefully. Away meets run differently than home meets, and this one being on a Friday afternoon adds an extra layer of details.

    Volunteers Still Needed: It’s late in the season, and we're still short some volunteers. There's over a dozen families with a swimmer participating but not volunteering - if you're coming to the meet and might be available to take all or part of a shift, please email [email protected]

    Location: 3808 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703. See Parking details below.

    Meet Timeline

    3:30- LC Warm-Up

    3:45- BCW Arrival & Check-in

    4:00-4:20- BCW Warm-Up

    4:15- Deadline to checkin for “early” relay events

    4:30- Meet starts

    5:15- Deadline to checkin for “late” relay events

    8:45/9- Estimated end of meet (can shift once home team finalizes)

    We are asking all swimmers and volunteers to sign in at the blue Barracuda tent as soon as they arrive. Swimmers should then follow the posted signs and find their Age Group Parents (AGPs). Note: People who ordered a team hat or visor, the orders have arrived and you can pick-up at the Volunteer check-in table at the beginning of the meet.

    Lots of time and energy goes into managing relay changes in the best of meet circumstances, but changes during an away meet at a different time of day are particularly challenging. If your swimmer does not check in at the tent by 4:15pm, we will start replacing late swimmers in any early relays with those that are present to prevent us from scratching entire relay teams and harming those swimmers who are on time. Any swimmer not signed in by 5:15pm may be scratched from the late relays as well.

    Since we are the visiting team, we will warm-up second and younger groups will head straight from warm-up to ready bench for IM and 6&U free relays.

    It is essential that swimmers stay with their age group unless they are lined up or swimming: Please remind your kids to stay close and let the AGP know if they are stepping away for any reason. If an AGP cannot locate a swimmer when it is time to walk to Ready Bench, the swimmer runs the risk of missing an individual event as a scratch. If a parent takes a swimmer to concessions for a snack or meal, it is the parent’s responsibility to get the swimmer back to the AGP area on time.

    Follow the Meet

    Since we cannot see the pool deck or the scoreboard from our area, it's really helpful to follow the meet on the (free) Swimtopia app. Swimtopia App (available for iPhone and Android):


    Heat Sheet and Athlete Check-in documents are expected to be linked on the website this evening if all goes as planned: https://www.bcwbarracudas.com/

    Scroll down to “2022 BCW at WW” for links.

    Remember: Westwood’s pool is also a 25 meter pool (like ACC last week), so the entry page will show adjusted (slower) times.

    Arrival and Parking

    Parking: The parking lot is limited and restricted to Westwood families only. This

    means our team will need to park on 35th Street. Please abide by any posted restrictions. Laguna Gloria and Mayfield Park are not available for our use and towing is enforced. We are also unable to park on Mount Bonnell. They will tow and ticket from there too. Westwood will have a golf cart to assist people back and forth to the property.

    Note from Veteran Parkers: As you come off Mopac, head west on 35th and soon after you pass Pecos St, you will bear to the left where Foothills Dr is. After you do this, start to pay attention to available parking! Check out when other cars are parked on the side of 35th on both sides of the road. At that point, you should consider finding a spot to park on the side of 35th. It won't get much better after that. Please factor at least ten minutes of parking/ walking/ schlepping time to your arrival.

    Seating area: The Barracudas’ team area will be located on the “grassy” hill by the Cafe patio. Your team will be set up closer to Lake Austin on the lower/back section of the property.

    Westwood will be located on the sport court and under the trees near the parking lot/ entrance. Please encourage your kids and parents to pick up after themselves during and after the meet.

    If possible, please mark your swimmer’s name and events with Sharpie before you arrive and before you put on sunscreen. See this video for help if you are new to the system.

    Items to bring

    • Camp chairs, picnic blankets, towels, or something else to sit on; items to stay cool.
    • Bug spray is a good addition this time of year.
    • Be sure your kids have shoes and supervision for trips to concessions. Some paths and parking lots near the pool deck get very hot in the afternoon sun.
    • Credit Cards and/or cash for concessions.

    Fun Relay

    Westwood likes to host a fun relay at the end of the meet: Do you want to swim a coach’s relay? Parents’ relay? Let us know and bring your swimsuit! Email  [email protected]


    Payment options: Credit Card and Cash accepted at the Lake View Cafe

  • Dinner options will be available for purchase. Their concession stand is a little bit nicer with a variety of choices and they have an amazing dock over Lake Austin (check it out if you get a chance in between events).
  • Drinks: Self-serve drink stations for water are available outside the Cafe and the far side near the baby pool. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase in the Lake View Cafe. Westwood Hospitality Volunteers will also be delivering water to volunteers that are working.
  • Restricted Areas:

    The Westwood pool deck can get crowded and impede the flow of the meet if parents aren’t aware of where they are in relation to the behind the scenes meet functions. Biggest takeaway: leave the computers tent, timer area, and ready bench alone unless you are volunteering. That's easy.

    What if...[something goes wrong]

    In the event that you are delayed or something goes wrong, please email [email protected] ASAP. Multiple people monitor that account on meet days to help us respond as quickly as possible.