Important: Barracuda Meet Entry closes TOMORROW at 8pm

    Hi Barracudas!

    We are reaching out to remind families to RSVP for Saturday's medal meet at BCW as entries close tomorrow Thursday June 15th at 8pm. We ask that everyone RSVPs even if not attending for the most accurate roster of entries possible.

    This week is very busy for the volunteer board since we are organizing the medal meet, All-star Meet, and End of Year Party all at once, so we really appreciate your timely RSVP this week.  Also, please remember NOT to sign up for early relays if you cannot commit to being at the BCW pool by 7:45pm to avoid scrambling and relay team scratches.

    Instructions are listed below on RSVPing are listed and it only takes a few minutes.


    BCW Barracudas Board of Directors.

    How to RSVP for Meet Entry

    Go to the www.bcwbarracudas.com -> Schedule -> Swim Meets & Events page to sign your swimmer up or RSVP not attending. On the calendar page you will find all the event details and buttons to submit your meet entries. 

    Click the entries button for the June 15th Meet and you will find a list of your swimmers. Simply edit each swimmer and let us know if they are attending. If you select attending, you will be presented with a list of the individual events that are each swimmer is eligible and available to enter. Since this meet is the medal meet, no swimmer can enter with a NT-- they must have entered and had a successful, no DQd swim in a previous dual meet.

    While you are there, you also declare each swimmer's availability for relays. Relays are selected by computer and adjusted by the coaches. If you are not 100% confident your swimmer will be there, kindly select “not available for relays”. If your swimmer is on a relay and doesn’t make it, the other 3 kids might end up just sitting by the pool w/o a full team. You can still sign up for individual events, it isn’t a big deal to scratch individual events, it’s much more difficult to add later and other kids are impacted by that.

    We ask that all swimmers choosing to participate in relays sign-in by 7:45am. If there is a conflict, please leave a comment on your entry so the coaches and relay coordinator know when to expect your swimmer. Swimmers who are not signed in by 7:45am will be replaced or scratched in relays, though they can still swim the individual events if they are late.