Lake Hills Away Meet Tomorrow (6/17) - Important Details!

Happy Friday, Barracudas!

You are getting this email because you have a swimmer signed up for our AWAY meet Saturday morning against Lake Hills. We're excited for a fun time and fast water, but there are MANY details to cover as you plan for the meet. Please read through all info here and plan accordingly.

Here is a quick reminder of some important details.

  • Timeline - when to arrive, duration, etc.
  • What to Bring
  • Heat Sheet
  • Marking Up Swimmers
  • Where to Park (!)
  • Where to Watch
  • How to keep up online
  • Fun Coaches/Parent Relays


  • Volunteers arrive per their area lead instruction
    • Setup Crew: 6:45am
    • Vol. & Ath. Check-ins at 7:00am
    • AGPs: 7:10am
    • Timers/Stroke Judges/Ready Bench : 7:45am
    • All times are reporting for duty, not parking or walking to pool
  • 7:15am - Swimmers arrive (allow lots of time for parking/walking)
  • 7:30am - Warm-up starts
    • 6 - 8s, 9 - 10s, 11 & up
  • 7:45am -Early Relay Swimmer check-in deadline at check-in table (Any early swimmers not signed in by 7:45pm will forfeit that relay spot. See link below for more details)
  • 8:00am - Meet starts
  • 11:55am meet finish according to current heat sheet estimate (see below)

We will set up on the grassy section of the lake park (near the water), outside of the fenced-in pool area. When you arrive, look for the blue Barracudas tent and have your swimmer sign in at the swimmer check-in table. After you do that, if you are volunteering, head to the volunteer check-in table nearby.

For this meet, parents can set up and sit near their kids, and everyone should be prepared for the heat. Stay hydrated, and even though it is tempting, everyone must stay out of the lake!  Expected meet finish is around 11:55am, though that time is only an estimate. Lots of swimmers competing this week, so come marked up and ready to go!


Many families have had questions about how relays work, and the link below should answer all (or at least most!) of them. As mentioned above, any swimmer who has not personally SIGNED IN at Athlete Check-in by 7:45am at the latest will be dropped from early relay teams so we can find a replacement. For more details, please carefully review the About Those Relays section on the website (scroll down from the top).


First off, please make sure you label anything you bring.

  • Team suit! That’s our uniform!
  • Goggles and Barracudas swim cap (cap optional, but no other team caps allowed)
  • Towels / folding chair to set down to claim your space and towels to dry off
  • Sunscreen
  • CASH or CARD for the concession stand!
  • Leave your kickboards and fins at home. Those aren’t needed at meets.
  • Shoes/flip flops
  • Lots of water and whatever else you need to stay cool.


The heat sheet is in the Swimtopia app and on the www.bcwbarracudas.com -> Schedule -> Swim Meets & Events page under "Files." Please print this out for your benefit! You can also use the helpful "Athlete Check-in" document linked there as well to mark your swimmer (see below for details!)

FYI: As changes come in, the linked file will sometimes be outdated but the Swimtopia app has the most current data (You'll need to close the app and reopen it to reload the connection).


We are short several volunteer Age Group Parents this meet, so please plan on sending your swimmer with his/her last name written on their back in Sharpie and his/her events on arm in order of "event-heat-lane" so they can see what they are swimming. Directions here.

None of that is required, but for this meet it is especially helpful to mark your own swimmer since the AGP volunteers likely will not have time to do so. Most importantly, make sure your swimmers know what strokes they are swimming!


From our hosts:  Parking is very limited, and our pool parking lot requires a permit— towing is strictly enforced. Families should plan to park on the side streets in the neighborhood where there are no posted restrictions. We are not allowed to park on the side of Edgewater in restricted areas. 

Lake Hills will have parking attendants directing you where there are open spaces. Please abide by any posted restrictions on streets. Thank you for your understanding.

Advice from us: Carpool or ride share if you can, and allow lots of time to park. Many chose to be dropped off and picked up instead of parking. Drive slowly and carefully as there are lots of swimmers walking on the often curvy streets to the pool. Make sure your swimmers have shoes or flip flops for the walk.


Details on watching the swimmers as well and restricted areas included in this letter form the host: Lake Hills Host Letter

Also listed in the letter is the concessions menu.


Check out the Swimtopia mobile app in your phone’s app store. Some features are free, some do require a subscription similar to Meet Mobile. Assuming all goes well, we should have real-time meet status (current event/heat) and results in the app.


If anything comes up this evening or early in the morning, please please please, email [email protected] with the details.


We have 2 special meets during our swim season (see the swim meets and events page) that require a bit of planning! There is NO NEGOTIATION on the rules for these meets, and this away meet is the last "regular season" meet.

First, the Medal Meet on June 24 @ BCW. The medal meet is really fun because instead of ribbons, kids get medals! Medals will be distributed at the end of season party. To be able to swim an event in the meet they will need to have a valid (no DQ) time in the event from this season. This away meet is the final chance to get the qualifying times! Remember - a successful swim is more valuable than an illegal fast swim! 

Second, the All-Star Invitational Meet hosted by Westwood requires a specific qualifying time from the current season. We have been handing out rainbow ribbons for those that have qualified! More information is available on the Barracuda home page under Schedule -> All Star Invitational.

Folks, thanks for your patience and we look forward to a super fun away meet tomorrow!

- 2023 Barracudas Volunteer Board of Directors

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