Schlitterbahn Tickets and Season Passes

Hello Barracuda Parents-

If you have unused Schlitterbahn Day Passes that were purchased as part of our Barracudas Swim Team Day, they are good until September 17.  (That's the last day of the Schlitterbahn 2023 season.)  If you purchased tickets but haven't used them, and can't find them or deleted the email they were attached to, I may have an electronic copy I can send you.

Also, I have 3 unused tickets that I purchased under our $35 Group Discount that are available to anyone who wants them.  Call or text me at 512-818-9098.

And here's a nice deal that Schlitterbahn just offered to us:  If you visit the Park between now and September 17 to use your Day Passes, you can apply them toward the purchase of a 2024 Season Pass for $49.95.  (Season Passes sell for $95).  And that includes unlimited visits to Schlitterbahn for the remainder of the '23 season.

So, maybe a day at the waterpark would be a nice way to celebrate the kiddos going back to school!

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