Champs Meet is TOMORROW!

Happy Friday!

It’s Championship weekend, let’s FINish strong Barracudas! We will be at the Round Rock ISD Aquatic Center for a 2 session meet (8&under in the morning/9&over afternoon) swimming against all the teams in the league. We’re trying something new this year. Yup, it’s a bit of a drive, but shouldn’t take much longer than getting to Westwood Country Club during rush hour on Mopac. Please use your favorite map app and plan your trip to the RRISD Aquatics Center (2801 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664). Get your swimmer to check-in on time and make sure you’re not late for that almost last volunteer shift of the season.

Shout out for volunteers 

We are currently short staffed on the following positions:

  • 8&under AM Session
    • 1 Timer
    • 2 Swing Volunteers
  • 9&over PM Session
    • 1 Boys 11-12 AGP
    • 1 Medal Volunteer
    • 1 Ready Bench Volunteer
    • 2 Swing Volunteers

We anticipate there will be plenty of room to keep everyone inside out of the sun. There are bleachers for sitting down, but feel free to bring your own camp chairs (please set them up behind the bleachers) and have a tent ready if you have it. When you get there, come inside and look for the Barracuda tent to check in (athlete & volunteer check in). We will have the athletes on the left side of the pool and the spectators on the right side. We ask that the area next to the competition pool be used for actively watching your swimmers and rotate out when done. When going from one side of the pool to the other, please go under the scoreboard and NOT behind the timers. The finish end of the pool is for timers and officials only.

A document, including a facility map, is posted on the Swim Meets & Events schedule page next to the heat sheets. It offers information about timelines, food options (tacos and pizza), and facility rules.

Be prepared for the heat! Bring water, stay hydrated. They will have water fountains and the league will be selling water bottles. The food trucks will have an assortment of drinks.

FINally, always remember that Barracudas swim faster when there are lots of cheering fans!

  • Timeline - when to arrive, duration, etc.
  • Notes on Relays & Possible Parent/Coach Relay
  • What to Bring
  • Heat Sheet
  • Marking Up Swimmers
  • Where to Park
  • Where to Watch
  • How to keep up online
  • Cancellations/Scratches
  • Reminders

Champs Meet Timeline (Be sure to look at YOUR kids’ session!)

  • Where: RRISD Aquatic Center: 2801 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • 9:00am Facility opens for setup
  • Session 1: 8&Under
    • Athletes Arrive: 9:30am
    • Warm-up 8&u - 10:00am
    • Check In Deadline for Early Relays - 10:15am
    • Ready Bench, timer, and stroke judge meeting - 10:20am
    • 8&u session start - 10:35am
    • 8&u awards - 12:30pm (estimated)
  • Session 2: 9&Over
  • Warm-up 9&o: 2:00pm
  • Check In Deadline for Early Relays - 2:15pm
  • Ready bench, timer, and stroke judge volunteer meeting: 2:20pm
  • 9&o session start: 2:35pm
  • 9&o awards: 5:30pm (estimate)
  • Team awards
  • Cleanup - let’s please leave this place CLEAN! Stay and help out if possible and don’t forget to take away anything you brought with you!

Kids will have bleachers inside and tents just outside to sit with their age groups. Look for the Barracuda tent and your age group sign.

We have 5 teams here. Lots of swimmers competing this week, so come marked up and ready to go! We will be going straight from warm-up to IM.

Parents that aren’t actively volunteering will be on the opposite side. There should be open seating bleachers, standing spectator space, and room for chairs behind the bleachers.


Many families both new and returning have had questions about how relays work, and the link below should answer all your Barracuda relay-related questions. Any swimmer who has not personally SIGNED IN at Athlete Check-in table 20 minutes before their session will be dropped from early relay teams. For more details, please carefully review the About Those Relays section on the website (scroll down from the top).

Parent/Coach Relay(s)

We will have an opportunity for parent and/or coach relay(s) at the end of the 2nd session. If you are interested and can put together an entire team, please do so and email [email protected] to let us know. If you are interested but don’t have a full team, still email [email protected] to let us know! This will be a fun way to end the meet while we’re processing DQs and point totals for trophies!

What to Bring

First off, please make sure you label anything you bring.

  • Team suit!!! That’s our uniform!!! :)
  • Towels to set down to claim your space and another one to dry off.
  • Goggles and team swim cap if you use them. PLEASE, NO CLUB CAPS.
  • Sunscreen, in case you end up outside.
  • CASH or CARD for the concession stand & food trucks.
  • Leave your kickboards and fins at home. Those aren’t needed at meets.
  • Shoes/flip flops.
  • Lots of water and whatever else you need to stay cool.

Heat Sheet

The heat sheet is posted on our website here (they can always be found on the Swim Meets & Events calendar)! Please print this out for your benefit!

FYI: As changes come in, the linked file will sometimes be outdated but the Swimtopia app has the most current data. You may need to close the app and reopen to update the connection.

Marking up Swimmers

You can help the Age Group volunteers by writing their last name on their back and then on in order "event number-heat number-lane number" on their arm or shoulder so they can see what they are swimming. Directions here.

None of that is required, but it’s part of the experience for some, and helps them take ownership of when they’re swimming. Most importantly, make sure your swimmers know what strokes they are swimming!

Where to Park

There is lots of parking around the Cedar Ridge school campus. There is a dropoff lane in front of the pool if you need to unload or stop to send your swimmer in. Be careful in the parking lot as people may be walking to the food trucks. Do NOT move any cones.

Where to Watch

There are bleachers available for seating on a first come, first served basis. They will be away from the competition pool.

You can set up chairs, coolers, and umbrellas behind the bleachers and spill out into the sidewalk and grass.

Parents and guests are welcome to stand and watch their swimmers during his/her individual races from vantage points along the spectator side of the pool (see diagram in meet flier), but then are requested to exit the area after their swimmers’ races to give space for other parents.

Keeping Up Online

Check out the Swimtopia mobile app in your phone’s app store. Some features are free, some do require a subscription similar to Meet Mobile. Assuming all goes well, we should have real-time meet status (current event/heat) and results in the app.


If anything comes up this evening or early in the morning, please please please, email [email protected] with the details.


  • Swimmers should remain with their AGPs between races so they can be ready to go for each swim. Remind them to either be with their AGP or let the AGP know they are going to concessions or the restroom.

- 2024 Barracudas Volunteer Board of Directors

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