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Parent Volunteers

Our parent volunteers are the heart and soul of the entire operation of the BCW Barracudas Swim Team. We could not do what we do without them. Every family is required to work FOUR volunteer shifts or your child cannot swim on the team.  This number may change depending on final family count. See the About Us - Policy page for more details. Every attempt will be made to assign you according to your choices, but the Board reserves the right to make final decisions. We have a small number of non-meet jobs available for special circumstances, please contact us using the contact form

You will be required to select your volunteer shifts during registration.  For more information, please review the registration job signup helper document.

Here's a brief description of the volunteer roles:

Age Group Parents

Age Group Parents work both home and away meets. Volunteers need to be present one (1) hour before each meet starts and stay until each swimmer in their age-group has been collected by their parents at the end of the meet. These volunteers are responsible for checking that their swimmers are all present and communicating any last minute no shows to the Computers Team. Age Group Parents mark up swimmers' arms with event information and get swimmers ready to move to the Ready Bench for each race throughout the meet.


The Computers volunteer positions consists of a head computer position and four additional positions. Computer volunteers will request timing sheets from the Timers and run them to the computer station; determine the middle time from the three times listed on the timing sheet; and help input data into the computer. Computers volunteer positions typically have light away meet responsibilities. All Computers volunteers must attend a mandatory training session hosted by the league on one (1) of the following dates:

  • Computer training will be "on the job" this year (I'm the league trainer)


This position is specific to home meets and the food related items during the season. You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before warm-ups begin to set-up the concessions area and stay until after the meet concludes to take down the concessions area. In addition, there may be some driving to pick up food during the week or during the actual meets. There will be two shifts during a meet due to the non-meet errand requirements.  You are able to watch your child swim. You must be able to help with getting food during the week (running to Sam's) at least once during the season.

Ready Bench

The volunteers will work throughout the swim meet lining up swimmers for races in the correct lane and heat, moving them poolside to the correct chair position, communicating with the away team when their swimmers need to come to ready bench, and ensuring that the BCW relay teams are manned and set up correctly. Six Ready Bench volunteers at a time help home meets run smoothly. For away meets 2-3 members of the Ready Bench team are required to assist the home team. With an efficient and helpful ready bench, home meets can run more quickly. 

The ready bench has four roles -

  • Bench Loader - They run the back of the bench. They are responsible to put the swimmers into the ready bench seats in the correct order.
  • Bench Leader - They run the front of the bench. They are responsible for directing swimmers/runners to the proper end of the pool and keeping them in order.
  • Ready Bench Runners / Pool Deck (2) - They are responsible for moving the kids from the ready bench into the appropriate positions at the end of the pool ready for swimming.  They work with the ready bench leader.
  • Ready Bench Assistants (2) - The ready bench assistant is responsible for helping the ready bench loader.  They may go alert age group parents when kids are ready to be seated in the ready bench, help find missing goggles, etc. They may provide backup so another ready bench volunteer can watch their swimmer in the pool.

Ribbons-Award/Heat & Merchendise

The Award Ribbons volunteers work approximately 3 hours at both home and away meets.  The volunteer attaches the place stickers on the ribbons/medals and files them in each swimmers file. This is a job for someone who is good with a repetitive task and pays attention to detail.  Most of the award ribbons work is done during the last 2 hours of the meet and volunteers stay at least another half hour after the meet ends until all ribbons are completed and filed.  You are able to watch your child swim.

The Heat Ribbon volunteer works approximately 2-3 hours at both home and away meets. The volunteer stands with the timers and awards the winner of each heat a Heat Winner ribbon. This position works until the end of each meet.  Definitely close to the action!  You are able to watch your child swim.

Set Up/Take Down

The Set Up volunteers have the responsibility to set up: all advertisements from sponsors on the fences and buildings; "No Parking" signs, holders, barrier tapes, and orange cones in parking area; age group signs; garbage bags; all canopies along the near side of pool and sitting area; ready benches, patio chairs, lounge chairs, and timer chairs; tables for concessions, ribbons, and computer areas; and barrier tape and/or POOL CLOSED sign on baby pool area. The Take Down volunteers have the responsibility of putting away all the setup equipment and reversing the set up process at the end of every home meet.  Away meets will require Setup and Take Down volunteers to setup age group signs and garbage bags, and--at certain away meets--the canopies. HEAVY LIFTING REQUIRED!


The Starter/Announcer volunteer has a critical role in helping the meets run quickly and smoothly. These duties include: announcing upcoming heats, signaling the start of every race during home meets, making any important announcements, and generally keeping pace. The Starter/Announcer is also responsible for calling false starts and completing a DQ sheet for swimmers who false start.

The Starter/Announcer must attend a 30-minute training session sponsored by the League on one (1) of the following dates:

  • Training will be provided as needed.

See starter guide at the bottom of the page.

Stroke & Turn Judge

The Stroke & Turn Judge will work a rotating shift at both home and away meets. The Judge will stand at the edge of the pool and ensure that the swimmers in his/her assigned lanes properly perform the requirements of each stroke (breast stroke, back stroke, and butterfly). If a swimmer does not perform the stroke and/or turn correctly, the Judge completes a disqualification (DQ) form for the swimmer and submits the DQ form to the computer team. This is a position for an experienced swim team parent. You bear the responsibility of ensuring proper form and fairness for all swimmers.

All new Stroke & Turn Judges must attend a mandatory training session hosted by the League on one (1) the dates listed on the schedule page, first time stroke judges must attend. Once you have completed two years training, you are allowed to alternate years.


This volunteer role works the duration of the meet at both home and away meets.  The home team supplies 2/3 the timers. They will have manual and semi-automatic watches. The computer will record the semi-automatic watch and the timer will record the manual time on a clipboard.  A head timer will ensure that all stop watches are working properly. Timers always have a front row seat for each event!  See timer guide below.

Flex Volunteer

Available to do any job at a meet. You may be assigned a season long task or may be asked to pickup any role at any meet. If you have no role preference, sign up for flex! For this to work, we will need everyone to commit to their assigned roles as required by our team policies.

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