Barracudas Weekly - Post-Champs Meet & End of Season Party Update


What an amazing year! Our first ever Champs Meet was Saturday at the Round Rock ISD Aquatic Center and the Barracudas showed up and swam hard! BCW Barracudas took 1st place in overall team score with an incredible 973 points and we have the trophy to prove it! We also recorded 169 personal best times, a season high of 58% of all swims, chomp chomp chomp! Way to finish strong Barracudas! Results are posted here: Swim Meets & Events - Barton Creek West Barracudas (bcwbarracudas.com). A big congratulations to the following Barracudas who finished in the top 5 in their age groups:

  • Yura Kim - 1st place, 6&U girls
  • Saylor Reinhardt - 5th place, 6&U girls
  • Luke Morrow - 5th place, 6&U boys
  • Leo Lafferty - 1st place, 7-8 boys
  • Ty Gates - 2nd place, 7-8 boys
  • Atticus Peterson - 4th place, 7-8 boys
  • Ainsley Smith - 4th place, 9-10 girls
  • Nolan Hensle - 3rd place, 9-10 boys
  • Cynthia Zhang - 3rd place, 11-12 girls
  • Sawyer Smith - 1st place, 11-12 boys
  • Brayden Cheang - 2nd place, 13-14 boys
  • Richard Heller - 3rd place, 13-14 boys
  • Kaden Carnahan - 5th place, 13-14 boys
  • Brooklyn Sexton - 2nd place, 15-17 women
  • Katie Kamm - 3rd place, 15-17 women
  • August Heller - 1st place, 15-17 men
  • Dylan Carnahan - 2nd place, 15-17 men
  • Harry Forst - 4th place, 15-17 men

Now it's time for our End of Season Party, presented by Carpenter & Langford!!!  With the HIGH chances of storms on Wednesday June 19th, we are looking to reschedule the party.  Obviously, there are a lot of moving parts that we are trying to coordinate, but we will let you know by tomorrow (Tuesday 6/18) what date and time we are shifting the party to.

RSVP here(once we have a date and time): https://www.bcwbarracudas.com/swim_meets so we have an accurate headcount for food.

We will have a Summer Bar-B-Q Party with volunteers grilling chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers, Southern Snow snow cone truck, snacks, fruit, drinks and a ton of fun activities (giant water slides, dunk tank, fun family relays, and more!!!)

Wear your swimsuits and get ready to have some fun! 

We will also pass out the team medals and individual photos. We are planning on having the family/kids relays right after the opening remarks from our Board & Coaches.

Future Board Members and/or Volunteer Leads

We always expect to have some healthy turnover on our Board of Directors and we are always looking for new leadership. If your swimmers had a great summer swim season (!!!), if you had fun as well (!!!), please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know that you are interested in a bigger role. We have to plan for the future to continue to grow our leadership and keep this great tradition of summer swim league fun alive!

Chomp, chomp, chomp!!!

2024 Barracuda Volunteer Board of Directors

(Crystal, Catherine, Brian, Jay, Lesleigh, Abby, Richard and Randall)

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